LAST CALL: Issue 3 of Lit Shark Mag: The Spooky (TEETH) Edition & Our November Poem of the Month PAID Contest


LAST CALL, readers, writers, and shark fans! If you’ve been sitting on a horror story, a ghost story, a campy Jaws or The Meg or Sharknado retelling, or even some creepy, surreal poetry, or a real-life encounter, we’re ready to read it!

Hurry! The doors close on Wednesday!

Issue 3 Deadline to Submit: October 25, 2023

Poetry: Up to 5 poems or 10 pages
Fiction and Nonfiction: Up to 15 pages or 4500 words

Issue 3 centers around the spooky season and will be released just in time for Halloween in the United States. More importantly, though, Issue 3 is your opportunity to let loose your wildest, campiest, and creepiest renditions of the shark genre; we’re talking Jaws and Sharknado and The Meg and Black Demon here.

FREE TO SUBMIT. Do it here!

Lit Shark is deeply committed to conservation, preserving marine life, and debunking myths that are harming marine life (especially sharks, who generally are just giant sea pups, let’s be honest), but our team also understands the fun of sitting back with a giant bowl of popcorn and spilling half of it during the scary parts of some of these horror films. It’s all about balance. So we’re giving our readers (and ourselves!) some space for the fun while also understanding that this is for entertainment, not to reinforce those negative stigmas (the beautiful sharks will thank us).

Being our spooky issue, we also really want to see your spookiest and scariest stories, tales around the campfire, sirens and men lost at sea tales… You get the point. Let your imagination run wild, and send us your best!

We’ve already received some incredible submissions, but right now, we’ll be releasing a MINI issue for Halloween rather than a full-length. Flood our inbox! (Maybe not The Shining elevator flood, but you know what we mean.)

FREE TO SUBMIT. Do it here!

Also! Don’t Forget About November’s Poem of the Month Contest!

ANOTHER LAST CALL, readers, writers, and shark fans! This time for Lit Shark Magazine’s November Poem of the Month Contest!

Submissions are ALWAYS open, but if you want to submit to our CURRENT contest, you have to submit within the month of October! If you submit in November, your poetry will be considered in December… and so on.

FREE TO SUBMIT. Do it here!

The winner will receive:
– $20
– An original broadside of their poem
– Featured on our website
– Featured in our next issue of Lit Shark Magazine
– You can see our previous winner, Catherine Broadwall, and her original broadside here

Honorable Mentions will also be considered, and they will receive a shoutout on our website, and their poem will be featured in our next issue of Lit Shark Magazine.

Happy Submitting! We can’t wait to read your work!

FREE TO SUBMIT. Do it here!

Happy Writing and Happy Submitting!

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Written By McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan (she/her/hers) lives and writes in Europe with her family (originally from the Midwest). In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of Lit Shark Magazine and the Banned Book Review, she is a novelist, poet, and book reviewer. She received her MFA in Poetry from Western Michigan University and her BA in English/BS in Education from Indiana University South Bend, where she began her work in publishing. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Whale Road Review, Young Ravens Review, The Birds We Piled Loosely, and Encore Magazine, among others; and her book reviews and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, Green Mountains Review, Memoir Mixtapes, The Life Collective, Her Journal, Motherly, and more. When not writing, she enjoys reading, appreciating nature, and spending time with her husband and three children.




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