Motivation Monday: The Struggle of the Multi-Passionate Person & Knowing Where to Focus Your Creative Energy


If you’re anything like me, when the creative idea strikes, you get lost in it for hours and hours, flowing within this world you’re creating, in the project you’re bringing to life. It’s the closest thing to magic, perhaps, feeling that electrical charge of creativity rushing through you. But, sometimes, when you’re tapped in like this, the ideas come in overflow, too fast to fit into your day-to-day. As multi-passionate people, this can feel like a lot. We still have to live in the real world, after all. And it can actually be a little overwhelming when you want to do so many things. There are not enough hours in the day, you know?

Don’t get me wrong–being a person with many interests and passions is a marvelous thing. It’s such a gift to be so in touch with your creative prowess in this way. But the struggle can be very real as you navigate where to focus your creative energy, deciding which project gets your full attention and which gets the back burner.

How to Successfully Be a Multi-Passionate Person

TFW you have so many passion projects on your mind, you create a passion project jar… or you make cute little aquariums to accompany your passion projects instead.

So how do you decide that? For me, one of my strongest passions is book writing. Writing novels is something that I’m so drawn to and absolutely adore. I love storytelling (as you might have noticed!). I love being immersed in the world I’m creating, but it’s an all-in kind of process, making it tricky to instantly shift over to my other passions like painting, line art, article writing for publications, of course, mentoring, and business and community building. I want to do it all–and I do–just not all at once. Some things can overlap and some activities actually complement each other. When I’m feeling a little stuck with writing, creating art through either painting or drawing can actually relax my mind and get the ideas flowing again. But the best way for larger projects that require a lot of focus and a lot of creative energy is to consider them each their own chapter in the timeline of your present life.

Of course, you can pick up a paintbrush anytime you like. But if you’re wanting to create a whole collection of pieces, dedicate your energy to just that until it’s complete. If you want to write here and there on fun topics, definitely do it. But if you’re starting your novel, keep your energy there. After, you can revisit other passions that are calling to you and give them your undivided attention. The thing is, when we work on all our big projects all at once, it can feel a bit chaotic. When we pour into many buckets simultaneously, it becomes harder to fill them all up and our energy can feel scattered, leaving us unable to give any of them our full potential. A frustrating thing for a creative!

See Them As One Possible Project At a Time!

I promise you, it’s all doable. You can do it all–in fact, I encourage you to–just not all at once. Do what lights you up and then, once you’ve poured all you wish into that, do what lights you up next. There’s no limit to your creative capacity but in order to keep our creativity free flowing and our minds and bodies feeling fresh and energized, breaking down our passions into a timeline is a great way to go about it.

On the days when it’s feeling like a lot, I assure myself that I will work on that fun new idea–just not right now. I place it next in line and this helps tame any of the restless energy that can arise around it until you’re ready to take it on.

There is no rush. And, if anything, that is the takeaway here. Everything will come to be, some projects before others, and when we relax and trust our timelines, we can create with even more potency and impact.

I would love to hear how your creative projects are coming along! Have you prioritized the ones that come first and the ones that come after? Let me know in the comments!

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