Thank you so much for your interest in Lit Shark’s Poem of the Month Contest!

We’re excited to highlight new voices and poetry in our community and to give new beautiful poetry broadsides to the world.

Lit Shark’s Poem of the Month Contest

Each month, we will consider poetry for our Poem of the Month feature, which will be published on the 15th of the following month (for example, submissions received throughout the month of September would be considered for October’s Poem of the Month, the winner appearing on October 15). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis; they won’t be disqualified or ignored.

To submit, please email

The subject line should be, “Poem of the Month.” Your name, contact information, and author bio should appear in the body of your email. Due to the nature of this contest and the inclusion of a poetic broadside, reprints are NOT being considered at this time.

Your attached document should not include your name or other identifying information, so we can ensure a fair, unbiased reading of your work. Written works should be attached as PDFs or Word docs.

Submit up to 5 poems, or 10 pages, of work for consideration. No theme is required!

Simultaneous submissions are totally fine; just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere so we can remove it from consideration. Replying to your initial submission email is easiest for us!

No reprints at this time.

1 Winner will be selected each month. The winner will receive:

– $20.00 honorarium
– A digital copy of an original broadside created of their poem
– A feature on
– Inclusion in the next issue of Lit Shark Magazine, as well as automatic inclusion in the year’s Best Of Anthology

Additional Honorable Mentions may be named.

They will be noted in the monthly Poem of the Month post on, and they will be included in the next issue of Lit Shark Magazine (again, with the possible exception of the Spooky Edition) and automatic inclusion in the year’s Best Of Anthology.


Thank you all for your support and for trusting us with your work!

Our Past Winners!