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Submissions are considered on a rolling basis at Lit Shark; our doors are always open. Submissions are also always free! We’re publishing FOUR issues this year, PLUS a Best Of 2024 Anthology and our PAID Poem of the Month Contest.

That said, if there is a particular issue you’d like your work to appear in, or a specific contest you want to submit to, here is our 2024 timeline:

You also can submit your work EARLY (i.e., if you had something ready for our Spooky issue right now); just make sure to note in your submission WHICH issue you’re applying for so we can properly consider it!


Issue 6 of Lit Shark Magazine: The SHARK DOG Edition

Submissions Due: June 23rd

Submissions will be considered May 15 – June 23

The theme of the issue: Misunderstood, stigmatized, villainized, marginalized animals (i.e., XL Bully dogs, pit bulls, sharks, snakes, orcas, bumblebees) in response to the XL Bully Ban in the UK and Wales. The goal of the issue is to celebrate these animals and destigmatize them; we believe that the group should not be punished for the wrongs of the (very) few and that accountability should be placed where accountability is due (i.e., questionable dog ownership, humans provoking wildlife attacks, etc.)

Poetry, fiction, short nonfiction, and short plays are accepted for this issue, and artwork and thoughtful literary essays on these subjects are greatly encouraged.

50% of proceeds will be donated to animal rescues that aim to protect all breeds, regardless of the ban.

Lit Shark will also write tribute poems for any dogs who were sacrificed or rehomed because of this ban. Their family only needs to submit a photo of them and a little information about them that we could use to help us write the poem. We’ll send the family a copy in the form of a lovely digital broadside, along with including it in the issue.

Issue 7 of Lit Shark Magazine: The SHARK WEEK Edition

Submissions Due: August 15th

Submissions will be considered May 15 – August 15

The theme for this issue: nature, marine life, and reactions to SHARK WEEK, SHARKFEST, and other similar documentaries. Poetry responses, fiction inspired by fun facts, essays written based on newfound interests, etc. Put your spin on it, but make it fishy and sharktastic!

Issue 8 of Lit Shark Magazine: The Spooky (TEETH) Edition

Submissions Due: October 15th

Submissions will be considered May 15 to October 15

Spooky poems and chilling stories, dark retellings, campy horror and ghost stories, and shark tales that would make JAWS or THE MEG tremble. Send us your creepiest, coolest, and campiest!