Motivation Monday: The 10 Best Ways to Reignite Your Creativity


Happy Monday, readers, writers, and shark fans! For Motivation Monday, we wanted to address something that every creative experiences, no matter where they are in their career or hobby life: writer’s block, burnout, or what feels like a diffused creative spark. This can even happen to someone who’s trying out a new genre or medium for the first time, only to be met with resistance as they enter the unknown.

There are two wonderful bits of good news here: First, everyone experiences this, and second, there are ways to ease those feelings and reignite that creative spark.

Read on to see how fiction author and writing coach Christy Howitt combats those less-than-inspired moments:

The 10 Best Ways to Reignite Your Creativity

You’ve likely experienced this. As you make your way to your laptop, cueing up your favorite writing playlist, you realize, as you begin those first few sentences, that the words are flowing almost effortlessly onto your page. Your fingers fly over your keyboard, trying to keep up with each new idea as it arrives. It’s such a thrill and it reminds us why we’re writers and creators in the first place.

While this is such a fun space to be in as a writer, with ideas overflowing and sparkling with ingenuity, most of us likely spend more time on the other end of things – the place where the blank page stares back at us ominously, feeling like a dry, scorching desert where not even the smallest shrub of an idea can sprout to life. The place where words do not flow for us like we wished they would. Sigh.

The truth is, when it’s there, it’s there and when it’s not, it can feel quite discouraging.

I’m talking about creativity. Creativity is actually something that exists in all of us. We all have a creative drive within us, a beautiful, unending well of wisdom that is available for our use whenever we desire. So why does it feel easy to access some days and infinitely far away the rest of the time?

Since creativity is deeply embedded in us, as part of our nature, we must nourish the vessel through which it flows. Meaning, the better you feel, the more joy you experience in your day, the more you laugh at those terrible jokes, and the more you trust your intuition, the easier it will be to create with ease.

If you’re feeling like creativity has definitely not been flowing for you lately, I’m sharing my 10 Best Ways to Reignite that Creative Spark within You!

1. Move Your Body.

If you’ve been sitting for a long time at your desk and nothing is showing up on your page, it’s time, my friend, to move your body. Whether it’s a walk in nature, dancing in your kitchen, or simply shaking out the stiffness from your arms and legs, it’s time to wake up your body. Ideas are feeling stagnant because your physical body is, too.

2. Add More Play into Your Day.

Creativity is directly connected to play, and as you do more of what excites you, inviting this sense of playfulness into your day, the more you lessen any pressure you placed on yourself. Creating flows the same way lightheartedness does. By relaxing into an environment of play, you let go of any resistance.

3. Create in a Different Way.

If writing isn’t flowing for you, mix it up! Experiment with a different form of creating to wake up your senses. Try painting, sketching, reading, singing, pottery – anything that feels creative in another way. Sometimes, reigniting creativity happens by exploring it in a new way.

4. Take a Much-Needed Break.

The more we force it, the harder the process is going to feel. We are creators for a reason and our best work flows when we’re feeling inspired. Chances are, if you walk away for a while, you’ll return feeling more rested, refreshed, and ready to begin again.

5. Look for a Better Way.

If you’re feeling stuck, maybe there’s a better, more aligned way to look at what you’re creating. Can you change the topic or modify the idea in a way that feels a little more engaging? By shifting things around, you may start to see it all in a whole new light.

6. Rediscover What Lights You Up.

Maybe your passions have changed and what interested you before doesn’t quite feel the same now. If you’re feeling less-than-joyous about your creative work right now, spend some time discovering what does ignite that passion within you. It’s okay for it to evolve and change as you do.

7. Read More.

I mean it – books are the ultimate playing field for the imagination and creative visualization. Spending more time taking in stories and new ideas will begin to re-spark your own sense of wonder.

8. Explore a New Place.

Breathing the air of new locations is a surefire way to stimulate the senses, bringing more fun and excitement into your day. Whether it’s a new coffee shop, a hiking trail by your house, or a trip to somewhere sunny, this change of scenery will guide you back to feeling energized and connected.

9. Have a Conversation.

As creators, we spend so much time in our minds that we practically have a second residence in Idea Land. Taking time away from our work to connect with someone else can be greatly beneficial. Chatting with someone who makes us feel good will not only brighten our mood and replenish our energy, but they may just say something that sparks a new idea!

10. Create that Amazing Playlist.

I don’t know about you but music has a powerful way of reaching deep within me. By creating a playlist of songs you truly love or tunes that fit the vibe of what you’re creating, you can easily tap into the emotions of the music, sinking back into your own creative energy. Music can change the mood, that’s for sure. It can also reignite sparks that turn into passionate, creative flames, one song at a time.

When all is said and done…

If you’ve been spending more time searching for that creative spark than actually being in the beautiful flow of creating, it’s time to connect you back to that deep well within you. Creativity is innate in all of us, but we also must fuel our minds and bodies with all the best things to keep that channel clear and the connection strong.

Here’s to bringing forth your best work yet! It’s been within you all along, ready to take form. It just needed a little reigniting.

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Written By Christy Howitt

Christy Howitt (she/her/hers) is the young adult fiction author of Heartsand and Sunwild, and she is the Founder of Calla Creative Studio - a writing agency that offers both copywriting services, writing mentorship, workshops, and retreats. She writes an ongoing series on how to use intuition and creativity to illuminate your life. Give her a read and follow! Instagram: @christyhowitt Instagram: @callacreativestudio Website:




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