Welcome to Lit Pup Tuesday! Here Are Some Sea-tastic Prompts!


Happy Tuesday, readers, writers, and shark fans! And a special hello to our Lit Pup Community!

As we get settled back into a regular content schedule, you might notice that Lit Shark is now going to be posting themed posts each day, including “Lit Pup Tuesdays,” which are geared toward children and teen writers, as well as professional writers who write children’s, middle-grade, and young adult books.

We’re especially interested in sharing writing prompts our younger writers and artists can use, tips for them to work on their craft, and recommendations for books we think they’d like. We hope you’ll enjoy this new series!


Before We Get Started: Don’t Forget to Submit to Lit Pup!

We’ve had wonderful success and joy with our Lit Shark Magazine series, and we’re interested in starting a Lit Pup Magazine series, specifically for children and teen writers and artists, as well as professional writers who write children’s, middle-grade, and young adult books—think of Lit Pup Magazine as being BY youth writers and FOR youth writers! We’re so excited about it.

To get started, we’re accepting submissions on a rolling basis, and any submissions we accept, we will first share them on our site. Once we’ve accepted enough pieces, we’ll release an issue of Lit Pup Magazine.

Our initial goal is to release an issue in December right before winter break and an issue in June right before summer break to give our younger audiences something to enjoy during their downtime in between school sessions, but ultimately, we’re dreaming of releasing four issues of Lit Pup Magazine just like we do with Lit Shark Magazine! So please submit, and please share our information with anyone who you think would be interested—children, parents, teachers, school administrators, etc! You’d be supporting us immensely!

To submit, please use this portal, and please state the writer’s name, their age, and the name of the adult they are submitting with if they are under the age of 18. 

Submit to Lit Pup Magazine

Now Let’s Have Some Fun… with Sea-tastic Writing Prompts!

Include 3 or more of these words in a poem: glitter, sparkle, blue, fish, whale, stars, magical, dream, waves, underbelly, umbrella, rhododendron.

scrabble tiles

While rhyming poetry is not the only style of poetry there is, sometimes it’s really fun to practice our rhyming skills! Here’s a starter line for you:

“When I first spotted the sea turtle, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

sea turtle

A slightly tougher prompt: We’ve all heard safety tips for entering a larger body of water, like a lake, river, or ocean. What advice would you give to an oceanic animal if it could come up onto land for the first time? Turn this into a little story!

lifeguard on duty

Here’s a fun little one: Close your eyes and think of the sound you hear when you hold a seashell up to your ear… Now, imagine if you heard something totally unexpected, like a voice whispering to you. What might it say? How would that make you feel? What would you do? 




This was so much fun!! We hope that this was fun for you to read and that you started writing something that has gotten your creative brain buzzing with ideas. If there’s something you wrote today that you’d like to share, we hope you’ll submit it! We’d love to read it, feature it on our site, and include it in a future edition of Lit Pup Magazine!

Also, if you liked these prompts today, yay! We’ll be launching a series of notebooks and creative writing prompt notebooks very soon, some of which will feature fun prompts that are much like these!

Happy Tuesday! And Happy Writing & Submitting, Lit Pup Community!

Thank You for Your Support, Readers, Writers, & Shark Fans!

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